Servicing Alberta, Saskatchewan and BC, Silverstone Builders believes in engineering the highest quality precast insulated wall panels. We serve industries that demand sustainable, durable and sophisticated products that can be delivered, installed and ready for operation in weeks or sooner. We engineer one of the most structurally sound products on the market paired with a passion for delivering excellence in customer service in all markets.

  • Agricultural


    Canadian climate can be tough, but our precast insulated panels are tougher - build once and build right with Silverstone. With unrivaled quality, our efficient and durable concrete wall panels are engineered with the highest standards. We believe in exceptional service and unparalleled quality. That is why we are leading providers of concrete wall panels in Western Canada. We are experts in building for cattle, dairy, livestock, machinery storage and servicing, grain storage, poultry and equestrian.

  • Commercial


    At Silverstone Builders, you don’t have to compromise. We offer meticulously crafted precast concrete panels in beautiful and sustainable designs that will stand the test of time. Our customer’s needs are unique which is why we offer a complete precast solution that can be quickly and affordably erected with infinite design possibilities. We are experts in building for hospitality, retail, automotive, office structures and leisure.

  • Industrial


    At Silverstone we offer a complete solution for any size of operation. Our precast insulated concrete panels offer incredible value with quick build times, flexible design and personal service you can count on. We take pride in our product and the value our structures can add to a business. We are experts in building for manufacturing, oil and gas, energy, government and waste management.

  • Institutional


    Prefabricated in our state-of-the-art facility, prefabricated concrete panels can reduce sound and vibration compared to other materials. Delivered install-ready to a build site, we can maintain the highest level of product quality and erect a structure much faster than traditional methods of building. An incredibly durable and strong material, precast concrete panels are made to last. We are experts in building for education, medical, correctional and government.